Thursday, 14 February 2013

WinTotal Appraisal Data Entry Services India

India-Data-Entry-Services has a great combination of latest technology and experienced workforce, as a result we could manage any project whether it is a simple or complex appraisal reports data entry. We offer an extensive range of high quality, cost-effective, affordable wintotal data entry services and solutions.

India-Data-Entry-Services has a team of skilled operators who can manage your appraisal reports accurately using WinTotal and other property databases. 

WinTotal is a property record management database, it helps you to save time by instantly entering saved text in single or multi-field also you can manage orders, files, contacts, billing and more quite easily.

What India-Data-Entry-Services do while WinTotal appraisal data entry?
  • Entering information from Order Forms
  • Entering data from Comps Grid
  • Gathering MLS Reports
  • Uploading property location maps
  • Collecting property tax record
  • Collecting neighborhood details
  • Adding Google Map link for property
Hiring a dedicated team is one of the most preferred options for companies (such as e-commerce, healthcare, finance, publishing, real estate) who require continuous data entry and data processing work. It saves your money 60-65% compared to your in-house cost.

India-Data-Entry-Services offers a complete array of WinTotal appraisal reports data entry services to suit the requirements of different appraisal or real estate organizations. 

Our property reports data entry service department can prepare a set of reports as and when required by you to give you an accurate picture of your organization’s current property assignments.

If you are interested in our WinTotal appraisal reports data entry services, please ask us for free sample at

You can CONTACT US any time with your outsourcing requirements and we provide 24×7 customer support.

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