Thursday, 14 February 2013

Image Editing Services India

Great pictures act as harbingers of products and concepts. They sell; they attract buyers and give more convincing and compelling reasons to make the purchase. Very often, the original shots taken don’t have the desired picture quality. There are technical errors, lighting errors, blemishes, stains, color mismatch, differing background and many other problems. These ill manifestations need to be addressed before letting thing go for scrutiny of “public”.
Media campaigns, ads, banners, websites and almost every firm needs clear, crisp pictures to showcase their assets. There’s an immense scope of image editing services for people dealing in fashion, lifestyle, consumer goods and eCommerce industry.
India-Data-Entry-Services offers exceptional photo/picture editing services to create fine and perfect images to the core. Our photo editing services include advanced photo cutouts/clipping, balancing brightness, repairing scratches, creases, remove spots, figure/feature correction etc. With our skilled online photo editing services, we can revamp the life of your old pictures. We can also repair seriously damaged pictures and make them platform ready (print or web).
Online photo editing services provided by us include:
  • Adding / removing / correcting background
  • Adding, removing and replacing objects / people from the photograph
  • Improving picture quality
  • Improving resolution and lighting
  • Correcting / modifying orientation
  • Color corrections – brightening key elements, adjusting tones & contrasts
  • Enhancing features and figure
  • Merging objects / people into pictures
  • Adding / removing border, watermarks, signatures, shadows etc.
  • Image resizing for thumbnail, normal and zoom view
Picture Perfect Photo Editing:
We offer everything which is important for a professional photo editing. In nutshell, the creative shots at India-Data-Entry-Services run their hands through your images for the clean, impressive and constructive portrayal. With our premium digital photo editing services, terrific and delightful changes can be attributed to images by deleting /replacing/enhancing certain elements from the photograph.
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