Thursday, 14 February 2013

Data Mining Services India, Web Research Services India and Web Data Extraction Services India

Web Research, Web Data Extraction, Data Mining, Online Data Entry, Online Capture, Harvesting Records, Screen Scrapping 

India-Data-Entry-Services extensive and comprehensive web services for web research, web data extraction, online data entry, data mining, data harvesting and screen scrapping have greatly benefited our clients globally.

As the biggest resource thesaurus in the world, the Internet contains an almost unlimited quantity of information. We can extract URLs, titles, field texts from database, numerals, dates, E-mail addresses as well as various kinds of document files and pictures.
Services: Web Research, Web Data Extraction and Data Mining
India-Data-Entry-Services provides the following web research / web data extraction and data mining services:
  • Data Mining: Data extraction and screen scrapping services to excel, access, MS-SQL or MySQL tables, comma delimited file csv

  • Tracking, extracting, harvesting records and raw data from a screen or a web site

  • Web Search, address and email search, mailing list Search to search for contact details of the specific target group

  • Web Mining and Listing. Searching the web and creating lists of target websites and then collecting information from these sites.

  • Web search and product research to populate the database for your e-commerce websites / online stores

  • Online Form Entry and Submission

  • Online research and building database in Microsoft Office. Gathering data from websites to an Excel spreadsheet, Access .mdb file, or any structured database format

  • Marketing/sales support services, e.g. market research, survey and analysis, gathering information about competitors’ pricing.

  • Web Research and Online Data Entry or Web-to-Web Entry for updating your online stores

  • Web Search and Listing, e.g. searching online newspapers for the latest pricing information, or extracting and summarizing news stories from online news sources.
Methodology: Web Research, Web Data Extraction and Data Mining
We perform a preliminary analysis of your requirements and of the site to understand the data structure. According to the complexity we will work on the method of obtaining the raw data from records, in rows and columns format and return them to excel, Access or tables of SQLServer tables, comma delimited or text files. We'll use custom program to perform a screen scrapping, or will manually extract the data.
A member from our professional team experienced in such online data extraction projects will communicate with you to understand your specific requirements. We'll be more than willing to acquire new knowledge about your business and your requirements and we'll work with on a prototype project to let you evaluate our capabilities.

India-Data-Entry-Services offers a full range of web services for web research, web data extraction, online data entry and data mining to business organizations and to individuals alike. So, please contact us with your specific requirements at 

You can CONTACT US any time with your outsourcing requirements and we provide 24×7 customer support.

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