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Outsource Data Processing Services India

Data Entry and Data Processing Services

Services belong to Data Entry and Data Processing Services:

  • Offshore data entry
  • Data entry from Image
  • Yellow Page keyboarding
  • White Pages Keying
  • Data Entry from printed documents into MS Word

Data Entry work contains high level of accuracy, timely deliveries and total confidentiality because of our customers outsourcing their Data Entry work. To provide 99.99% of accuracy the data is re-keyed, as in the case of data entry services. At India-Data-Entry-Services, our customers provided with highly accurate Data Entry and Data Processing Services by us.

Outsourcing of non-core but sensitive and critical data processing functions has reduce some costs, increased profitability and delivered greater core value and operational excellence to India-Data-Entry-Services to our customers.

Data Entry/Data Processing Input Sources

Our services (IDES) specializes in the capture, it digitized and processed the data from diverse input sources, such as fax, web forms, e-mails, scanned images and hardcopy documents.

We work on some specified services:-

Electronic Data: Our services IDES uses various types of conversion tools for the conversion of the electronic data from its present format i.e. in practically any spreadsheet, word processing or desktop publishing applications.

Printed Data: We use someof advanced in-housing scanning facilities. The conversion of documents and images into digital format will be done by our experts and technical support staff through scanning. To ensure that the data entered is accurate, we have to maintain an editorial staff proficient in manual data entry, as well as proofing and editing.
The Data Entry and Data Processing services are valid for all kinds of textual data capturing which includes some printed text, manuscripts, scanned images etc., and also includes the following:
  • In populating databases of e-commerce websites, catalog data entry of online stores or data entry for online stores.
  • No any format matters in data entry from paper, book or images.
  • Keying is done from Yellow Pages and White Pages.
  • Compilation and Data Entry from websites.
  • Business Transaction Data Entry such as sales/ purchase/ payroll
  • Data collection, data capture and OCR using any automated process.
  • The response of customers, surveys, and survey questionnaires completed through online.
  • Printed Material into MS Office or Data Entry from Hardcopy.
  • Data Entry into Software Programs and Applications.
  • Receipt / Bill Data Entry.
  • Manuscript typing into word.
  • Mailing Label/ Data Entry used for Mailing List.
  • No any format matters in conversion of Business Card Data Entry.
  • No any format matters also in Copy, Paste, Editing, Sorting and Indexing.

Our Data Processing Capabilities!
 1 Data & Order Entry
 2 Data Digitization
 3 Data Conversion
 4 E-Cataloging
 5 Forms Processing/Claims Processing/Rebate Processing

 Output and delivery of data

We used to deliver the output data in the designated output formats. Before the delivery of the data, it undergoes verification and validation to ensure that the provided data contains accurate data of highest quality to the customers at all times.

The delivery of the data files can be delivering by FTP, email or by CD/DVDs, to our customers by us.

Please contact us with your specific requirements at info@india-data-entry-services.com

You can CONTACT US any time with your outsourcing requirements and we provide 24×7 customer support

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